Settle your conflict

What is a conflict?

A conflict occurs in the event of a double declaration (or more) in respect of the same work and with an overlapping cumulative percentage of declared rights of more than one hundred percent (100%).

AGICOA blocks related remuneration when the conflict arises. Money is released when the conflict is solved and the declared rights updated accordingly.

Conflict resolution

Conflicts are governed by the AGICOA's conflict rules and their settlements are organized as follows:

  • AGICOA encourages Declarants to clean-up unnecessary conflicts as soon as possible when they are spotted even if they do not involve royalties yet. Conflicts may originate from mistakes in declarations; in other words conflicts could disappear if errors linked to rights are corrected;
  • For conflicts that involve royalties of high monetary value AGICOA initiates a managed and phased Conflict Resolution Procedure;
  • For conflicts of €200 or less, an expedited procedure is applied. Those launched prior to May 15, 2018 are governed by the 2017 conflict rules, those launched after this date are subject to the 2018 conflict rules;
  • Conflict Resolution Procedures launched prior to July 1, 2017, and which are governed by the 2015 conflict rules, will coexist with those launched after that date until these former procedures are terminated.

Declarants may clean-up their declarations which have caused conflicts directly through IRRIS Web or by requesting AGICOA to update.