ALGOA: The Rights People

ALGOA is the Association of Collective Management of Audiovisual Works in Luxembourg (Association Luxembourgeoise de Gestion des Ĺ’uvres Audiovisuelles) established almost 20 years ago to track and distribute royalties essentially on retransmission of the products of independent producers in representation of AGICOA in Luxembourg. Contacts with Rightsholders from Luxembourg relating to their registrations and their rights declarations will be done directly with our colleagues from AGICOA in Geneva.

ALGOA is a member of the AGICOA Alliance that represents clients worldwide. It operates under the terms of audiovisual copyright law established by the Berne Convention and the provisions of the Cable and Satellite Directive.

Since 2000, the AGICOA Alliance has collected and distributed over two billions euros of royalty payments on a portfolio of more than a million audiovisual products.