Declare your rights on works

Contacts with declarants/rightsholders from Luxembourg relating to their registrations and their rights declarations will be done directly with our colleagues from AGICOA in Geneva.

No declaration: no money

You choose what is best for you. For your convenience, AGICOA has developed four declaration modes. You may select the most appropriate to your environment and needs.

  • Web declaration portal - IRRIS Web, the web declaration portal to declare, update and/or query your works and rights as well as to look at your related remunerations over the web;
  • Electronic declaration file - WRI, the format to import works and rights information between your Company's database and AGICOA's to declare and/or to update your works and rights;
  • Simplified electronic declaration file - S-WRI, the Excel-based format to declare works and rights information from your Company's database;
  • Paper declarations - Paper declaration forms that you will fill in from your computer, print and send back to AGICOA.

Should you wish to contact us, kindly send your message to